Bull Breeding Assessment

Bull breeding soundness evaluation is an important component of cattle reproduction. At Mt Barker Veterinary Hospital we are very experienced in this field and have accredited veterinarians who perform breeding evaluations using the Australian Cattle Veterinarians program Bull Reporter.


Bull breeding soundness evaluations are an essential part of maintaining optimal production rates in cattle enterprises. It is recommended that all new and existing bulls be examined annually prior to joining to reduce the risk of poor performing bulls lowering calving percentages. Semen testing is also performed prior to sale, for insurance purposes, or if a infertility problem is suspected.


At Mt Barker Veterinary Hospita our bull evaluations include:

  • Assessment of the animal's body condition score, confirmation, gait, posture and feet 
  • Examination of the testicles including palpation and measurement
  • Examination of the internal reproductive sex glands per rectum
  • Examination of the penis and prepuce
  • Semen collection


When we have collected the semen sample from the bull we perform crush-side assessment of the semen for motility and concentration. The sample is then sent to a qualified morphologist to assess for any microscopic semen abnormalities. The morphologists are qualified specialists in this field and can detect abnormalities in semen that may look 100% normal in the crush side microscope evaluation, but have chemical and physical abnormalities that reduce actual fertilisation of the ova. (We can send you a complete report of the evaluation if required).


At this stage we will then provide comprehensive feedback about the performance of the bull/s and recommendations such as pass, sexual rest needed and treatment, or fail / cull.


Semen testing can also be completed on rams, bucks, and stallions if required.