Pregnancy Testing Cattle

Mt Barker Veterinary Hospital veterinarians are trained in both manual and rectal ultrasound scanner pregnancy diagnosis. Scanning with the rectal ultrasound probe is quick, efficient and can reduce stress on cattle. It is important however that if a cow appears non-pregnant on the ultrasound scan that a manual palpation of the uterus is also performed to rule out any abnormalities in the cow. Both techniques are utilised and have a place in the pregnancy testing program.


We can pregnancy scan / test your cattle from 6-8 weeks after the bulls have been removed. It is beneficial to pregnancy scan / test as close to these dates as possible as if there is a problem it can be detected early and managed that season. 


Reasons for pregnancy testing your cattle include:

  • Identification of infertile females or reproduction problems / diseases such as cystic ovaries which are easily treated
  • Discover bull break downs
  • Reduce the cost of supplement feeding of dry cows by removing them from the pregnant herd
  • Allows you to plan your calving season



  • Cattle are not required to be off feed or water prior to testing - they can be yarded that morning.