Pregnancy Testing Sheep

Pregnancy testing of ewes is performed via abdominal ultrasound in a specially designed sheep crate. Pregnancy scanning can be performed 5-6 weeks following the end of joining period and has a 99% accuracy rate.


  • Seperate pregnant and dry ewes early in pregnancy to manage each group accordingly (better monitoring etc)
  •  Reduce costs associated with feeding dry ewes
  •  Directly increase available feed for pregnant ewes
  •  Earlier detection and sale of unproductive ewes
  •  Increase selection pressure for breeding

Equipment Required:

  •  We provide the scanning crate (which is set up at the end of the raceway)
  •  2-3 people to help handle ewes (push up the race etc)
  •  Yard the ewes overnight before scanning (increase accuracy of pregnancy scanning)
  •  Power is required (a generator can be supplied if given prior notification)


  • Approximately 200-400 ewes can be scanned per hour, depending on personell, ewe behaviour and the yard facilities
  • Up to 3000 ewes can be scanned per day


Photo Credit Marie White